4 Mountaintop Locations For Your Photo Session, North Carolina

I love mountainous locations for a shoot, and if you’re like me, you’ll fall in love with these locations just like I did! It’s really difficult for me to decide which location is my favorite. Instead, I’ve ranked them on difficulty to access, starting with the easiest.

Rough Ridge// The Rough Ridge Trail is a quick drive from Boone, NC, and right off the the Blue Ridge Parkway. This location is about a 1/4 mile hike from the parking area, and very easy to manage. The trail offers a variety of spots for photo locations, depending on how far you want to walk. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! The area is safe for pups, but there is not a lot of space to roam.

Max Patch// This is a bald with 360 degree views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The last ~25 minutes in the drive to Max Patch is non-pavement, dirt and gravel roads. I recommend using a high clearance vehicle, but it’s not necessary as long as you’re careful. The hike to this location is very manageable, and about 1.5 miles round trip. However, there are two different ways to access the bald from the parking area, with one way being considerably more difficult than the other. Fields filled with wild flowers in late summer, and trees bursting with color during the middle of autumn make this location truly magnificent and one of a kind. This is a great location to bring the pups! Highly recommend sunrise or sunset sessions at this location, as it is very popular during the day.

Black Balsam Knob// This location was accessed using the Art Loeb Trail, off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trek to this location has some difficult areas with large rocks to maneuver yourself over and around. The maximum elevation here is 6,214ft. The hike to the summit and back is about 1.4 miles round trip. There are many locations along the hike for photographic opportunities. The trail will showcase beautiful wildflowers in spring and changing leaves in autumn. Having a photo session at sunrise or just before sunset will be ideal, as this trail is extremely popular during the day.

Hawksbill Mountain// Nestled about 25 minutes outside of Boone, NC awaits this magnificent view. The trailhead is located off of a dirt access road. The hike is less than a mile from the parking area. It’s moderate at the start and gradually becomes more difficult as you reach the top due to a quick, 700ft gain in elevation. The trail tops off around 4,000ft. You can bring the pups, but this area is limited on places to roam. If you’re willing to do a little work (and break a sweat) for this view near sunrise or sunset, you won’t regret it.

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